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Advancing trade and investment in Southern African

Trade and investment marketing

Contract management and Deal Negotiation

Enterprise Development

Technology and Innovation Consulting

Business Management facilitation

Procurement management

Training and skills development

Trade and investment marketing

We move the needle by addressing clients trade and investments needs by bringing together decision makers that will make financially impactful decisions.

We focus on the SADC region and are looking to create sustainable partnerships throughout the continent and the world.


Contract management and Deal Negotiation

Our experience has taught us that value is built. We take the time to understand what your needs are and the needs of your prospective partner in business and we mitigate conditions and communication constraints to ensure that value is presented to all the parties concerned.

Enterprise & Organizational Development

In our business, it is key to understand the clients departmental KPI’s. This allows us to make their KPI’s ours to be able to attain departmental financial goals. We know that once all the internal elements of a business align, progress can occur.

KBC focuses on people and how their contribution adds to the value of a company. We consult with our clients across various industries to develop strategies that will ensure sustainability and growth. Our unique value proposition is a value-based position on the company, its assets and people with an outcomes-focused approach.

Tech innovation

Technology and Innovation Consulting

KBC offers state of the art technology consulting services to help your organization grow with the times. We offer innovative solutions to modern challenges through the use of the latest in organizational and infrastructural technology.

We continue to partner with creators and innovators across the continent, to make the latest technology available to our clients.

Business Management facilitation

KBC understands the importance of good corporate governance
at all levels. We ensure that your business is running as it should and better in order to achieve set goals.


Procurement management

We have experience in the creation, management and setup of procurement procedure to ensure not only that your needs are met but that you get the highest quality of whatever your business needs.


Training and skills development

KBC offers training and development to companies looking to grow their value. We offer different levels of training dependant on the needs assessment carried out. We also assist in the needs assessment process to ensure that whatever training is invested in has a tangible and sustainable ROI.

Technical Support and Management

Trade and Investment

  • Monitoring and implementation

  • Consolidate understanding of the end market demand in South Africa for targeted sectors, conduct due diligence and capacity assessments of potential exporters

  • To identify and establish relationships with South African buyers in targeted sectors and across a range of distribution channels

  • Develop South African buyer information analysis for sharing with firms in the region, via webinars and directly during the trade facilitation process, outlining market entry requirements such as:

    • Product / Sector price parities

    • Volume requirements

    • Certification requirements

    • Packaging requirements